Each year the school makes available a number of scholarships to defray a proportion of the tuition fees. Scholarships are normally awarded at 11+ and 16+ and are available to existing pupils moving up the School and to new entrants. Bursaries are also available - see the link for more information. These may also be awarded in addition to scholarships.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships, worth between 10 and 20% and occasionally up to 50% of tuition fees, are awarded annually at 11+ entry. Scholarship awards are made on the basis of academic ability and are not related to family financial circumstances. There is no additional scholarship exam at 11+: scholarships are awarded on the basis of the entry exam and interview.

In addition, Sport and Music scholarships and exhibitions are available at 11+. An application form for these scholarships will be sent to all registered candidates shortly after the registration deadline.

One academic scholarship worth up to 50% of tuition fees is awarded annually to pupils at the beginning of Year 10. This is awarded following competitive examinations and an interview held in the Spring Term of Year 9.

We offer the following scholarships:

•    11+ Music Scholarship and Exhibitions
•    11+ Sport Scholarship
•    16+ Academic Scholarships
•    16+ Music Scholarship
•    16+ Art Scholarship
•    16+ Sport Scholarship

Please see the Key Information for Applicants link for more information.

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The Educational Grants Advice Helpline is a very valuable service offering guidance to parents and guardians seeking advice on grants and bursaries to help pay school fees, and handles a significant number of enquiries every day. Their phone number is 01932 865619 and lines are open from 9am – 11am Monday to Friday.