BBC School Report

21st March, 2013


A group of 23 Year 8 girls have had a morning of learning how to be reporters, journalists and editors as part of BBC School Report News Day.

“After experiencing a hectic time filming our interviews, we are currently editing our films. The news reports cover a wide variety of news stories, some of which include; ‘Death of the High Street – will the high street be eliminated in modern society as a result of online shops?’, ‘Tax on Fizzy Drinks- should we beware of our lunchbox drinks?’,  ‘Mission to Mars- are you willing to risk your life for the good of science?’.  We have also covered several further topical stories.

“We all hope to be able to meet the deadline, uploading our news reports by 4.00pm. We have developed many valuable skills today; sticking to our editorial line in the story board, getting to the point that we are making when reporting and how to edit successfully.”

Natasha and Scarlet, Year 8

Pictures of the day can be accessed here and the videos can be seen below.

Fizzy Drinks Debate

Olympic Park Legacy

Mission To Mars

Death of The Highstreet

Education Reforms