Art & Design

Art plays an important role within all cultures and has a great influence on society. Whether one realises it or not, we are surrounded by art at all times, wherever we happen to be. The Art Department is dedicated to excellence in the education of a wide variety of art forms, and we offer a dynamic, challenging and open learning environment. At all stages, we feel that it is essential to place risk taking and experimentation at the heart of creative learning. There is great diversity in the outcomes produced by students and we encourage independent research and enquiry, along with the development of key skills.

We aim to encourage self-motivated and visually inventive learners, who are confident in using art as a means to express themselves. In our teaching, our mission is to help students pose questions by developing their creative voices. We encourage students to question orthodoxies and to cross boundaries; contextualising their studies within histories of art, contemporary practice and cultures.

Co-curricular opportunities that develop a passion for ‘art’ are important in enhancing life-long learning. We aim to offer an enriched learning environment that might ultimately lead to students making a difference within the creative industries. Please come and see the work on display in the Department for examples of our outstanding successes.