Academic Excellence at St Helen's School

The curriculum at St Helen’s reflects traditional academic disciplines and yet it is also forward-looking, and it progresses as pupils move from one section of the school to another. It builds on prior knowledge and understanding as well as extending pupils at all stages. It is concerned with breadth and balance as well as stretch and challenge.

Policies for the development of numeracy, literacy, language acquisition, ICT and scientific skills and understanding operate across the School, providing a logical, coherent framework for learning from the age of 3 to 18. At all stages the focus is very much on the learner: pupils are encouraged to think about different learning styles and to decide upon and use the methods which work best for them. In this way they develop an independent approach to their studies as they move through the School.

Public examination results are excellent and we pride ourselves on the universities and the courses the girls go onto when they leave. Equally impressive are the range of careers they embark upon when they enter the world of work. Such successes reflect the intellectual development effected throughout their time at St Helen’s and the girls’ capacity to think and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding to unfamiliar situations.