Student Support Fund

An integral part of our Vision is to reach out to and offer an increasing number of bursary places to girls whose families would not otherwise be able to afford our fees. This matters to us out of principle, not merely as a nod to our charitable status. Quite simply, bursaries have the power to transform lives; instilling ambition and opening doors to future careers that otherwise would have remained closed. Additionally some families find themselves in financial difficulty during their daughters’ time at St Helen’s and our Student Support Fund enables us to support the continuity of education for current pupils for an interim period while their families get themselves back on their feet.


“Receiving a bursary enabled me to stay on in the Sixth Form and finish my studies with the peace of mind that the financial side of my education was taken care of.  I was able to finish my A Levels with the support of teachers who have known me for most of my life. As a result, I am now at the University of Bristol, the university I always dreamed of going to and I am studying the perfect course for me, Experimental Psychology. I am so thankful to the School for allowing me to explore all of my options and become the person I am today.”  Yass Rad, Class of 2016


My family entered financial difficulties in my GCSE year at school. At an incredibly stressful time, a bursary provided stability and the emotional reassurance of remaining within a supportive network of friends and teachers. The quality of the academic teaching and small sixth form class sizes at St Helens were instrumental in securing my place at a top university and later in carving out a career in commercial law that I might not have been able to achieve elsewhere. The bursary also enabled me to continue to pursue the extra-curricular activities I loved, such as music, drama and public speaking, all of which have aided me to become a more well-rounded and confident person."  Anonymous bursary recipient

"I was fortunate to be awarded an assisted place which enabled me to remain at St Helens. I had been at the school since Kindergarten, so moving school would have been a huge upheaval for me in the run up to my O and A levels. At a time when life outside school had become quite stressful, I felt I could rely on the stability and normality of a very supportive school community. I think it is very important that schools like St Helen’s continue to expand their programmes - as a governor at the school for 15 years, this always felt like the right thing to do for the ethos of the school and bursary provision has been increasing (both for partial and full bursaries) for many years now. They allow children who would never otherwise be able to benefit from the excellent teaching and extra-curricular programme that the school has to offer to come to the school. And they provide a huge amount of support to families who find themselves unexpectedly in need of assistance, often at times of great stress. The whole school community benefits enormously, particularly in the case of bursaries offered to those who would not otherwise come to the school at all - often these are the girls who put their heart and soul into their studies and pursuits: they know just how lucky they are." Amanda Little née Jacobson, Class of 1987 and Former Governor at St Helen’s