Student Facilities Fund

We are extremely fortunate to enjoy over 20 acres of greenfield campus in the heart of North London, and we are determined to make the best use of this space to support the provision of academic excellence as well as take up our role as custodians of our campus for future generations. St Helen’s is a wonderful environment in which to learn, play, teach and work and our Vision is always to retain the best of what we have, whilst enhancing our facilities where it is appropriate and affordable to do so. 

Locally, as part of our community outreach programme, St Helen’s facilities through St Helen’s Enterprise – including the swimming pool, pitches, courts and sports complex – are made available to local schools, organisations and individuals, providing the facilities that are missing or in demand in our area. The revenue from these activities is then channelled in support of bursaries, which in FY 2016/17 amounted to a profit in excess of £300,000. 

Support is needed to ensure that we can continue to invest in the School's facilities and infrastructure to truly enable us to enhance the learning environment to the exceptional standard with which we all aspire, whilst also supporting our local community and generating a sustainable income for our bursary programme.