Sixth Form Pastoral Care

It is important to us that each of our girls is known and cared for and that she and her parents know how and from whom they can access the support they need.

This support is particularly important as the students enter the final stages of compulsory education, when they start to make choices which will shape their lives.

Once in the Sixth Form our students are allocated to small tutor groups, and to tutors who will support their transition from schoolgirl to university student.

Our experienced team of tutors works closely with members of the Futures Department team to ensure that our Sixth Formers make informed choices about Higher Education and Careers.

Our Sixth Form tutors work hard to guide their tutees and to support and encourage them to make the very most of all the opportunities afforded to them, whilst giving them full ownership of their Sixth Form experience.

Our Director of Futures works alongside the Sixth Form Enrichment Coordinator, the Sixth Form pastoral team, the School Nurses and Confidential Listener to ensure that the girls are fully prepared for life at university and beyond.

Regular lectures, seminars and discussions encourage exploration of key personal, social, political and topical issues, and support the development of the transferable skills which will be invaluable to the girls as they go out into the world.

Sixth Form tutors guide the girls through the transition from GCSE to A Level, reviewing work and progress frequently, monitoring all aspects of academic and co-curricular work closely and reflecting regularly with them on their Sixth Form experience. Sixth Form tutors continue to work in close partnership with parents, giving feedback and agreeing common strategies as necessary, whilst ensuring that the student, now a young adult, remains at the very heart of all discussions.

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