Senior School Pastoral Care

On joining Senior School, girls are allocated to a tutor group (approximately 20 girls in Senior School, fewer in Sixth Form). The form tutor plays a central role in the School’s pastoral care, and is the first port of call for pupils, teachers and parents. The tutor will be able to answer most questions girls and parents have, or will refer them on as necessary. The tutor’s main role however is to promote effective academic progress and complete engagement with our extensive co-curricular programme through our mentoring system which enables every girl to realise her full potential.

Along the way tutors are supported in this task by the Head of Individual Needs, who will contact parents if at any point the school feels girls may benefit from specific support, and by Heads of Year, Heads of Section and the Deputy Heads of Section. The Head of Year 7 co-ordinates our considered programme of induction into Senior School, providing girls and their parents with the information and support they need to make this important step smoothly and successfully.

The Heads of Section and their Deputies are available to meet with parents at any time should the need arise. Dr Short and her deputies are closely involved in the education of pupils in the Senior School and meet with parents if it is felt that this will be helpful.