Preparatory School Pastoral Care

Parents who wish to may drop their daughters into our ‘drop and go’ facility from 8.15am in both Gables and Little Gables for girls based in these buildings. At Drop and Go teaching assistants or teachers will supervise them until school starts. For Reception and Years 1 and 2 the school day starts formally at 8.45am and girls must have arrived by then. Nursery registration is at 9.10am so this is the latest arrival time for Nursery girls. Whilst girls enjoy specialist teaching for PE, Music, Speech & Drama, and Ballet from Nursery, they are supported on their learning journey by experienced class teachers and teaching assistants, who work closely with parents to ensure optimum progress is made. Parents are able to contact teachers easily, either in person at the beginning or end of the school day, or by email. A staggered end to the day (3.00pm for Nursery, 3.15pm for Reception, 3.15pm for Year 1, 3.30pm for Year 2) eases pick-up for parents with siblings elsewhere, as does our bookings only ‘Daisy Club’ which provides Preparatory School parents with after school care until 4.00pm each day (3.35pm on Fridays) at a cost of £6. Daisy Club is complimentary, but must still be booked by 11am on the day, for those with an older sister who has a later finish time.

For Years 3-6 Drop and Go opens at 8.05am when girls can enter through the Prep Hall side door. They wait supervised in the hall until 8.15 when they go to the playground. Girls arriving between 8.15am and 8.30am enter through the main school doors and join their friends in the playground. All girls in Years 3-6 must be in school by 8.30 for registration. The school day for girls in Years 3-6 finishes at 4pm and they must have been collected by 4.15 at the latest.

The class teacher is the parents’ first point of contact and will meet parents formally each term to review progress and set targets, as well as being available informally each day to deal with any questions which may arise.

Class teachers in the Preparatory School look after small groups of pupils and it is to them that parents should turn in the first instance with any questions. The class teachers spend time with their charges every day, celebrating their achievements, listening to their needs, and explaining strategies for managing life's challenges. Increasingly, as they progress through Key Stage 2, girls are taught by specialist teachers, whilst retaining a class teacher who is available to meet with parents as necessary at the end of each day. Close collaboration between home and School is essential if pupils are to thrive, and the School prides itself on the effectiveness of these links.

The Head and Deputy Head of the Preparatory School are also available to meet with parents at any time to discuss any aspect of the girls' progress. Dr Short and her Deputy Heads are also closely involved in the education of pupils in the Preparatory School and meet with parents if it is felt that this will be helpful.