Physical Education

The Physical Education Department aims to create a positive learning environment throughout the school, enabling the girls to achieve success, enjoy a wide range of sports and activities, develop their physical skills and take personal responsibility for leading a healthy lifestyle. We encourage the more able and older girls to set an example to younger pupils. We believe that everyone can challenge their boundaries while enjoying physical exercise and recreation.

All the girls are encouraged do their best and to appreciate and take pride in the achievements of themselves and others, whether they become a county champion or achieve a skill for the first time. 

A variety of activities is delivered within the curriculum to introduce the girls to a broad spectrum of experiences. Additional activities are offered in Years 9 and above in order to give pupils the opportunity to discover new and different sports, with a view of introducing pupils to activities they may continue to pursue throughout their adult lives.

The Department works tirelessly to give all girls the opportunity to achieve success in Physical Education, and the co-curricular programme includes an extensive range of recreational and squad sports. Girls who particularly thrive in the crucible of sporting competition are encouraged to compete within School and to join external sports clubs. This may simply be through the delivering of stimulating lessons or through the co-curricular programme.

The range of sporting activities which we offer includes:

•    Netball
•    Lacrosse
•    Swimming
•    Badminton
•    Rugby
•    Hockey
•    Dance
•    Gymnastics
•    Trampolining
•    Cross-country
•    Use of the fitness suite
•    Yoga
•    Use of the Climbing Wall

GCSE, AS and A2 Physical Education are all offered within the curriculum as an optional subject.