House System

In addition to belonging to her Tutor Group, every girl is also a member of a House which consists of girls of all ages in Senior School from Year 7 to 13. The four Houses, Bonington, Bruce, Scott and Shackleton are named after famous explorers and the girls represent their Houses in a variety of sporting, musical and dramatic activities throughout the year. One of the highlights of the year for both girls and staff is House Arts. A Year 12 team from each House write and direct a 30-minute piece of musical theatre which is performed in front of the whole School and an external adjudicator.

Girls have the opportunity to win points for their House through a variety of competitions throughout the year, such as House Maths. Commendations (Middle School) and Profile Points (Upper School) for first class work or effort also count towards the overall House points total. The healthy competition generated is enthusiastic, as evidenced by the audience reaction during the final assemblies of each term when the results are read out!

House Meetings take place once a week and the girls carry out considerable amounts of charity work within their Houses; the annual Calendar Sale is a prime example of such active citizenship. In essence, the House System is a means through which younger and older girls can get to know and support one another.