Futures Programme

The overarching aim of the Futures Programme is to enable girls to flourish in their lives beyond school: to develop the resilience, self-confidence, professional and networking skills to become the leaders of tomorrow in their chosen fields. We are proud to offer a comprehensive and personalised programme at St Helen’s and in partnership with the Development Office provide a range of networking and mentoring opportunities in the transition to Higher Education and beyond.

Underpinning our programme and approach is a commitment to ensuring that all students receive outstanding personalised guidance and are empowered to realise their aspirations. To enable girls to develop the self-awareness, opportunity awareness and career-management skills to succeed, there are a number of key strands to this programme:
• Curriculum Provision
• Higher Education Planning
• Professional Insight and Experience
• Personalised Guidance
• A Programme that Extends Beyond School

We hope you enjoy reading more about our Futures Programme and how it can support the broadest aspirations and ambitions of every girl.

Elizabeth McKinley
Director of Futures