School Developments

St Helen’s is committed to ensuring that we provide pupils with an exceptional learning experience that offers a well-balanced and stimulating education within a physical environment that enables every girl to develop her personal talents and interests. Despite facing tough economic decisions and rising costs in many areas, we have continued to invest in the quality of our estate. Prudent financial management over the past few years and the extremely generous support of alumnae, friends and the PTA has enabled us to be in a position to commence additional long-term investment in the facilities at the School.

Rather than commence building in a piecemeal fashion, the School has worked with its architects to create a long-term Masterplan for the Estate that will provide a development framework for the next 15-20 years that will enable us to upgrade existing buildings and maximise the potential of the School’s outstanding 21-acre site. In formulating the Masterplan, the School has considered both its current priorities to deliver the Vision and, as far as possible, potential future requirements. However, the utmost care has been taken not to propose developments that will overly constrain the School in the future so that it can continue to respond to changing needs and requirements in the years ahead.

The Masterplan sets out several packages of work, the first of which was completed in August 2016. These completed works included:
    ⦁    A new playground for Nursery and Reception
    ⦁    A new Preparatory School building for Years 3 - 6
    ⦁    A project to renovate and reorganise the main School House

The second phaseof work, completed in August 2017,  focuses on reclaiming the former Junior School buildings for use by the Senior School, and involves:    
    ⦁    A renovation project to provide a new Sixth Form and Futures Building in the Mackenzie Building
    ⦁    A project to convert Lund into a suite of examination halls, which can also be used for drama,  
          music and co-curricular activities outside examination periods

Accompanying this phase of work the following projects have been completed:

    ⦁    The installation of an artificial all-weather pitch on the lower lacrosse pitch adjacent to RBH
    ⦁    The refurbishment and expansion of the Dining Room and kitchens
    ⦁    The removal of our last remaining portacabins and the redevelopment of the space between The
          Centre and Lund

The third phase of work, is a major project replacing Claremont with a purpose built School of Music, which is due to be opened in October 2018.

Beyond this package of works, later priorities (time and funding permitting) include the provision of enhanced library and learning resource facilities in Senior School, expanding the PE and Sports facilities, expanding IT provision and modernising the Science facilities.

Watch our new Junior School building take shape...

The building work has been completed! Click on the link above to see the latest time-lapse video of the site.

Our images were taken from cameras in two locations on the School site.

The two angles show the view from the Netball Court near Gwyer and the view from the Sports Centre.