Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is at the heart of every aspect of learning and teaching at St Helen's.

The girls are ambitious and enthusiastic in all that they do, and lessons are carefully structured and planned to satisfy this thirst for intellectual stimulation. 

Teachers know their pupils as individuals and deliver learning programmes which provide stretch and challenge as well as broaden the girls' skills, knowledge and experience. Whether it is a problem in Mathematics or Science which requires higher level thinking, a challenging poem or a piece of literature, the construction of a complex explanation of cause and effect in History or being able to converse fluently in a modern foreign language with native speakers, all learning experiences are designed with the achievement of excellence in mind. Equally, activities such as the Mathematics Challenge, the Physics Olympiad, the History and Politics Forum, Greek Club, Model United Nations, public speaking and debating all contribute to the same aim.

St Helen's aims to give every girl an excellent, well-balanced education, developing her intellectual, creative and physical abilities to the full. A significant number of the girls are able, gifted and talented in at least one and often several subject areas, and our provision nourishes and develops this potential.

Academic and Music Scholarships are awarded in Senior School to girls of exceptional talent and ability in these areas and their progress is closely monitored to ensure that they continue to achieve their full potential both within the curriculum and via the very wide range of enrichment opportunities, to which all the girls have access.

We additionally support all our students by an extensive higher education preparation programme via which they are encouraged to apply for the most competitive courses at the most prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.