Sixth Form Key Admissions Dates for 16+ entry
Sixth Form Key Admissions Dates  
1st Registration Deadline Friday 26th October 2018
Entrance & Scholarship Examination Monday 12th November 2018
Interviews tbc
Offers Posted  Monday 3rd December 2018
Acceptance Deadline Wednesday 12th December 2018
Spring Term Registration Deadline Monday 4th February 2019
Entrance and Academic Scholarship Examination Tuesday 26th February 2019
Offers Posted tbc
Acceptance Deadline tbc

Entry Requirements for the Sixth Form

Requirements for entry to the Sixth Form:

You will need a minimum of seven GCSEs graded 9-6 to be taken in one sitting and which include:

- English Language (or appropriate examination for students from overseas)

- Mathematics

In addition to this, please note the following guidelines for the specific subjects which you may wish to study in the Sixth Form:




Grade 7 in Art or evidence of commitment and considerable involvement in the subject


Grade 7 in Biology

Business Studies

Grade7 in Mathematics


Grade 7 in Chemistry

Classical Civilisation

Grade 6 in a Humanities subject

Classical Greek Grade 7 in Classical Greek
Computer Science Grade 7 in Computer Science or Grade 7 in Mathematics

Design and Technology

Grade 6 in Design and Technology

Drama and Theatre Studies

Grade 6 in Drama or evidence of considerable involvement in the subject. There will be an audition for any girls who wish to study Drama and Theatre Studies who have not previously studied Drama at GCSE


Grade 7 in Mathematics

English Language

Grade 7 in English Language

English Literature

Grade 7 in English Language and Grade 7 in English Literature


Grade 6 in Geography

Government and Politics

Grade 6 in a Humanities subject


Grade 6 in History

History of Art Grade 7 in English Literature and evidence of commitment to the subject


Grade 7 in Latin

Modern Foreign Languages

Grade 7 in the chosen language: French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish.


Grade 7 in Mathematics. Girls who wish to study Further Mathematics as AS or A Level will require Grade 8 in Mathematics.


Grade 7 in Music and at least Grade 6 Associated Board Examination (or equivalent standard) at the start of Year 12 in one or more instruments (including voice) 

Physical Education

Grade 6 in PE. For girls who have not previously studied PE at GCSE, Grade 6 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Grade 6/6 in Dual Science 


Grade 7 in Physics and Grade 7 in Mathematics


Grade6  in Biology or Grade 6/6 in Dual Science

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Grade 6 in Religious Studies, or Grade 6 in History or Grade 6 in English Literature 

The Academic Scholarship Examination will consist of a multiple choice paper testing high-level reasoning and problem-solving skills. It is intended to be challenging, and will last for 45 minutes.